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Apollo Pro S4 professional video wall processor is Tricolor’s newest and best performing equipment. It supports 4K @ 60 Hz ultra-high definition

video signal acquisition and transmission with full 4:4:4 chromaticity sampling in the RGB gamut. Utilizing FPGA architecture as well as modular

design, Apollo Pro V4 retains Tricolor’s traditional stable and reliable operational ability, but at the same time supports various interfaces and

business modules for flexible and personalized combination, along with the convenience for future upgrading. The new generation Apollo Pro S4

supports signal preview and monitoring, audio-visual synchronized switching, scrolling caption, authorization management. It is compatible with

various types of control interfaces, which makes the system exceptionally user friendly. Tricolor fills the gap between video control and display and

brings a marvelous video wall processor with extraordinary management solution.

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· Digital bus routing structure, the system's signals are exclusive to their own dedicated data channels for non-blocking full cross data transmission

· Full hardware FPGA architecture, builtin core computing mechanism, excellent image processing performance

· Supports 4K @ 60 ultra high definition video signal acquisition and transmission, video image resolution can reach all 4:4:4 chroma sampling in RGB gamut. Provides high quality image reproduction and image detail for video playback

· Board-type hot-swappable structure, high chassis integration and highly reliable equipment

· Input and output board mixing function

· Each signal dynamically sets a point-to-point dedicated line data  channel. Each signal has  its  own  dedicated channel for  transmission,  which  can  switch  between  signals  in  a nanosecond with no black field interval

· With RRTA (Resolution RealTime Full Compatibility) technology, a single processor can simultaneously control multiple sets of large screens with different resolutions. Can support LED, LCD, projection lamps and multiple display units at the same time

· Supports single cards up to 16 windows. Supports zooming, roaming, seamless switching of real-time sources, arbitrary overlay of windows, etc.

· Supports the the collection and output to a large screen; supports 60Hz local video echo and network echo

· Signal character overlay function, you can set multiple display areas, font sizes, colors, and superimpose images

· Support for 1000 sets of scene saves and automatic polling

· Supports EDID management and HDCP function

· User-defined output resolution

· Audio and video integrated switching

· Codec transmission of IP signals such as H.264 / AVC and H.265 / HEVC

· Support for multitype client control, not only for the PC version client but also mobile version terminal. Supports multiple different types of devices for operation and control , TCP/IP, RS232 control, etc.

· Input and output signal preview and echo

· Displays subtitles on a  large screen. Subtitles can be displayed statically or  dynamically

· Emergency loss of power protection, state storage memory

· Power redundancy backup

· Monitoring alarm

· Multi-user and user rights management