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With the all-round development of the economy and society and the advent of the era of big data, the scope of the public security business is also continuously expanding; single, one-sided data information can no longer meet the needs of the public security system. As a city's public security maintenance and traffic management department, it must cover video surveillance information within the entire jurisdiction, and at the same time ensure that video surveillance information is monitored, called, and managed in real-time. The overall operation effect of the command center directly affects the smooth development of urban traffic management and social security management.

According to the needs of public security organs for “integrated operations, rapid response, dynamic management, and scientific decision-making”, our company integrates cloud data storage, image processing, visual display, big data integration, human-machine interactive control, and intelligent operations to create super The high-scoring intelligent visual command platform provides strong support for the command and dispatch of the Public Security Traffic Command Center to “grasp the overall situation, predict trends, and accurately research and judge”, and comprehensively improve the security of the public security traffic system, counter-terrorism and riot prevention, emergencies, emergency guidance, and emergency response. Disposal capacity.


 Application requirements

Relying on the cooperation of multiple business departments and multiple professional bureaus, the Public Security Traffic Command Center scientifically integrates street police forces, comprehensively enhances the ability to arrest and control, effectively combats various types of illegal and criminal activities, quickly handles emergencies, and maintains social security and stability.

The Public Security Traffic Command Center faces complex and changeable police affairs, police situations, multi-party cooperation in event handling, and comprehensive coordination of dispatch and command. It is urgent to improve the unified deployment of air defense, physical defense, and technical defense, and the ability to command and combat to ensure the city. Safety.

  • Mixed application of analog monitoring system and network monitoring system

  • Decentralized police forces are difficult to deploy reasonably, coordinated management effectiveness and accuracy cannot be guaranteed

  • Traditional video calling operations are cumbersome

  • In the face of complex and changing situations,  the systems cannot cooperate

  • Police dispatch is not flexible and low efficiency

  • The type and distribution of police resources cannot be grasped quickly and the efficiency is low

  • Public security traffic visualization command center system is composed of Athena video integrated platform hardware,  Athena video integrated platform software, video matrix, RGB matrix, and other auxiliary peripherals. The public security traffic visualization command  center system uses the latest generation of pure hardware IP decoding technology. All equipment adopts a modular design, which has good stability, reliability, and security, and has a good ability to expand the  number of displayed signals.

  • On the Athena video integrated platform display system, the public security ultra-high-definition intelligent visual command and dispatch platform docks with the existing PGIS system, GPS,  "three-in-one" access police system and public security video monitoring system of the public security system, achieving rapid,      Efficient, flexible, "Operation mode on the map" linked dispatch command.


Reliability, high stability, and high flexibility

The system uses pure hardware advanced technology and system structure to improve system reliability and security; it provides redundant configuration, module design, and expansion capability; it supports hot-swapping of the acquisition card to reduce the impact of failure. Adopting a unified control management system, which can be flexibly operated, while supporting the corresponding IPad, Surface, and other tablet computers.

signal switching in real-time

The video integrated platform processor is based      on the FPGA's pure hardware architecture and CrossPoint bus processing      technology. The chip can play the best performance and realize the      seamless switching of HD signals in the true sense.

Score GIS / PGIS push application

Video integrated platform hardware supports the direct acquisition and processing of ultra-high-definition 4K signals, which meets the requirements of direct push application of GIS / PGIS with ultra-high scores.


Unified access management for analog surveillance systems and network video surveillance systems, with high video system compatibility. At the same time, the one-stop operation is adopted, and the corresponding operation is directly performed, and the video information management is convenient. At the same time compatible with third-party platform access management.

Expansion and control, secure physical isolation

On Poseidon's distributed architecture, signals can be physically and safely isolated from the signal encoder, that is, control of the signal source or passive reception at the back end can be achieved (no control); the entire system can be easily expanded and upgraded in the later stage. The corresponding input and output nodes need to be added. For each sub-intelligence command center, only the corresponding equipment (Athena video integrated platform, dual network encoder, decoder, and the visual terminal can be added to achieve access system and system resource sharing and linkage.


Intelligence monitoring and command center of a public security bureau combines 110 alarm systems, electronic sand table real-time dynamic system, consultation decision system, intelligence analysis system, video monitoring system and other systems. This system adopts a 2 * 4 fusion system and Poseidon visual control system. , To achieve the overall research and decision-making and decision-making role of the intelligence monitoring and command center. At the same time, based on the Poseidon distributed architecture, it can realize the arbitrary push of shared resources in the entire public security private network, thereby realizing the intelligent management of the new command center and mobile command inspections, remote office, Network signing, and other functions.