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Products Conference System TPS Series Motorized Screen

TPS motorized screen conference system is high-stability solution based on high confidentiality, sustainability, environmental protection, more convenient requirements for conference room. TPS series has rich models, can provide customers professional, reliable and diverse solutions according to different usage scenarios.

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1. Screen size: 15.6’’ and 17.3’’

2. Screen border width: 5mm and 15mm;

3. Viewing angle: 45/45/20/45 (left/right/up/down);

4. Support HDMI and VGA inputs. When one input screen will automatically detect available signal. When two inputs, it will manually switched through panel buttons. When no input, it will automatically enter power savingmode;

5. The lifter is driven by a synchronous belt, noiseless lifting, lifting time: 28±1s;

6. 0-45° mechanically adjustable elevation angle, screen is stable enough;

7. Integrated motorized goose-neck microphone.

1. Appearance size:

TPS-L15B/TPS-L15S: 450x68x660mm; TPS-ZL15BTPS-ZL15S: 413.2*59*580mm

TPS-L17B/TPS-L17S: 495*68*660mm: TPS-ZL17B/TPS-ZL17S: 538.2*60*650mm

2. Panel size:

TPS-L15B/TPS-L15S: 470x80x5 mm; TPS-ZL15BTPS-ZL15S: 430*70*3mm

TPS-L17B/TPS-L17S: 510*80*5 mm: TPS-ZL17B/TPS-ZL17S: 476*70*3mm

3. Hole size:

TPS-L15B/TPS-L15S: 452x70mm; TPS-ZL15BTPS-ZL15S: 415.2*61mm

TPS-L17B/TPS-L17S: 497*70mm: TPS-ZL17B/TPS-ZL17S: 460.9*61mm

4. Screen size: 15.6’’ 17.3’’

5. Screen border width:

TPS-L15B/TPS-L15S & TPS-L17B/TPS-L17S: 15mm


6. Screen ratio: 16:9

7. Screen resolution: 1920×1080

8. Backlight type: LED

9. Contrast ratio: 800:1

10. Brightness: 220

11. Screen border width: 15mm

12. Display color: 262K (6-bit)

13. Black and white response time: 2-6ms

14. Viewing angle: 45/45/20/45 (left/right/up/down)

15. Using 10-point touch projected captive touch screen / Morph 7 level, response time

≤ 10ms.

16. Signal ports: VGA*1, HDMI*1, RJ45*2, USB*2

17. Video switching: button, central control switching

18. Lifting time: 28±1s

19. Rear shell: aluminum alloy

20. Edge thickness: ≤5mm

21. Elevation angle: 0-30°

22. Power supply: AC 220V/1.2A 50HAC/with power loop out

23. Power consumption: <40VA/unit

24. Dimensions of the sink panel: 472*82*5mm (L*W*T) (recommended to open holes in


25. The integrated design of ultra-thin high-definition touch screen and the lifter without

exposed connecting wires, no connecting back planes, no exposed screws, ensuring

the overall appearance of the lift screen.

26. 26. The equipment adopts aluminum alloy structure, high-quality aluminum material

and CNC carving processing; width ≤ 80mm;

27. Intelligent conference lifting integrated terminal, IPS retina high-definition screen;

28. Support ≥2 channels video inputs, including HDMI and VGA. When there is only one

input, the screen will automatically detect the signal. When two inputs simultaneously, it

can be manually switched through panel buttons. When there is no signal input, the

screen will automatically enter power saving mode.

29. Embedded shaft electric lifting system, installed from top to bottom, with power

protection function, the equipment can be grouped or centrally controlled through the

central control software (232/485) protocol;

30. The desktop panel has a USB interface, and an external U disk can temporarily

upload or browse or share files.

31. The panel is equipped with a single-key lift control button.

32. The box is equipped with screen control buttons.