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Products Conference System TAP Series Audio Processor

The TAP series audio processor is developed to simplify analog audio processing equipment, using the latest dual-core high-speed floating

-point CPU to maximize equipment performance. TAP series toneThe frequency processor adopts algorithms such as echo cancellation,

feedback suppression, noise cancellation and automatic mixing, which can process and restore all kinds of audio with high quality. TAP series

audio processors haveThe ability to reliably work 24 hours a day without interruption is widely used in conference rooms, multi-function halls,

training centers, exhibition halls, and command and control centers.

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· Full-featured matrix mixing, 24bit/48KHz frequency,High-performance A/DD/A converter and 32-bit floating point DSP processor

· There are 21 levels of input sensitivity adjustment, with a step length of 3dB and a maximum input gain of 51dB.

· Support AFC, AEC, ANS, AUTOMIXER and other algorithms.

· Support preset multiple scenes, scene saving, scene recalling, etc. according to user needs.

· Support fast operation on Windows, Android, iOS and other platforms.

· Built-in automatic mixing console, feedback cancellation, echo cancellation, noise can be selected according to the needs of users.

· Support pre-amplification, generator, expander, equalization and etc.

· Support 31-band graphic equalizer, delayer, frequency devider, limiter.

· Support RS232, RS485 to control the camera.

· Built-in power off automatic protection memory function module, can automatically remember the state of the device