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An Advanced Controller For A Better Display


Tricolor has attended Thailand Infocomm and Beijing Infocomm in 2019. Attendee head count was about 44,000 for each show. People gathered from over 110 countries and 1,000 companies to this fascinating exhibition. Product release, new technology and creative application are the main theme of this show, which will acknowledge businesses the present and future trends. There were enormous number of industries including security, surveillance, education, hospital, commercial, broadcast applications that was spread into the Infocomm trade show center. 

There are millions of software applications for video wall solution, which is very flexible, easy to control, etc. And it is fantastic. However, Tricolor offers solution from entirely a different path – hardware solution.

We brought out our Apollo Pro which is the latest video wall processor. The video wall shown in the picture above is operated by Apollo Pro. We have had people coming in saying that network connection is prohibited, or licensing fees of software products are high, or even, there are just lots of requirements for their PCs to run the video wall controller.

With our purely hardware architecture, Tricolor video wall processors do not rely on Operating System, which guarantees the processing speed and frame rate. And there is no blue screen, no stuck. Unlike the conventional "bus" architecture, Tricolor self-developed CrossPoint Switch assigns each signal to its unique channel, so there won't be any traffic jam, or overheat when transferring the signal.

Our Modular Design allows personalized Input and output signals that suits the customers' needs. They are hot swappable as well, without the need to replace the chassis, which saves users time and essentially, cost.

We also offer functions like multiple groups with different resolution, signal preview within the control interface, KVM controlling the video wall directly; not only multi-functional, we combine all of those into one unit, to provide an altogether solution.

Setup and configuration is extremely intuitive. Controlling the video wall is as easy as drag and drop. With one mouse, customers know right away how to control the video wall and setup layouts.