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Products Video Wall Controller Smartkake (360° rotation)

The Smartkake series of creative video wall controller is a high performance signal controller developed by Tricolor, a world class multi-screen controller developer. The system supports single HDMI 4K signal input and flexible displays on 4 output monitors through 4 HDMI outputs. It can show any part cut from the original input image, rotate each output independently at any angle, supports horizontal and vertical display integration and supports multiple cascades to enable single signal sources to be delivered to more output channels.

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· Supports 360° rotation at any angle for each output signal 

· Support for automatic detection of input signals 

· Support customizable output resolution for each channel 

· Support input channel EDID update configuration 

· Support automatic protection of power-off devices 

· Support for unlimited cascading between devices 

image.png Product Model





Smartkake Creative Video Wall Controller              




Video Input                

Interface type                

HDMI type A                

Signal format                

HDMI 1.4                

Input resolution                

3840x2160@30hz, and backward compatible                

Audio input                

Support for embedded audio input                

Video Output                

Interface type                

HDMI type A                

Signal format                

HDMI 1.3                

Output resolution                

1920x1200@60hz, and backward compatible                

Audio output                

3.5mm independent audio output                

Image Processing                

Image rotation                

360° rotation at any angle                

Border compensation                


Overlay generation                







2.4kg (5.29lb)                

Powered By                

12V/DC, 3.3A                



1) Front Panel

The front side of SmartKake V2-UH is shown in figure 1, the interface detail as following table 1



   SmartKake V2-UH device front view

      Table 1 SmartKake V2-UH processor front interface detail




12V power connector with lock


Reset button, after 5s pf push, device IP will reset as

each individual window would be reset as full window display


LAN1, RJ-45 connector, controls device by connect PC or router


LAN2 used for cascading of additional devices


HDMI input


Status light:

When power on, POWER lights on

When device is working normally, RUN light on

When signal input connected, INPUT lights on


2) Rear Panel

SmartKake V2-UH device back side, the interfaces as following:


  SmartKake V2-UH device back view

        Table 2. SmartKake V2-UH device back side interface details






3.5mm audio analog connector


4 HDMI output ports


Cascading interfaces:

                 IN for cascading input HDMI           

                  OUT for cascading output HDMI             

SmartKake V2 creative Processor

SmartKake is a brand new creative multi-display processor introduced by Tricolor which focuses on retail and exhibition display market. One single SmartKake supports one 4K signal capturing and 4 Full-HD outputs with any degree rotation and unlimited cascading.

Ultra 4K

SmartKake V2 has been designed to use 4K Resolution. It also includes a range of features beyond Resolution, such as: High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wider Color Spectrum, Color Bit Depth, Immersive Audio and more. These performance advances enable unprecedented visual experience, content and other devices to fully replicate the richness of life’s sights and sounds, and allow viewers to more accurately experience the content creator’s vision.

Flexible Layout

Smartkake V2 avoids the traditional MxN matrix video wall layout. It uses a direct 360° view video wall technology due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle.

Device Cascading

Smartkake V2 provides a cascading solution, which enables multiple power products to share the network connectivity by cascading them through LAN interface. Each Smartkake can control four video walls, and it can support unlimited groups of video wall by cascading. It guarantees the entire system output synchronization. It can access and administer each device in the cascading chain over the LAN from anywhere via various protocols. To reduce the number of Ethernet connections or save networking costs in your data center, Tricolor’s cascading technology delivers incredible results.